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  1. Can you tell me more about your compost bin? It is made of wood – and vermicomposting should have a moist environment, doesn’t the wood get soaked in water – how long will this kind of bin last? Does it have holes in the bottom side?

    My experience with vermicomposting lead me to have some holes in the compost bin so water can escape. Here is an article we made about our compost bin

    • Hi, this blog post was done by a guest blogger. I’ve sent the question on to you and will post a reply when I receive it. I will be doing a post on our own compost bin in the near future.

    • From Cheryl:
      It is made of wood. The one we built out of plywood was better than the one built out of pine. They’ve all had screened bottoms or plenty of drain holes covered in screen to let moisture out and we have a tray underneath. Hubby used a marine polyurethane inside and out, two light coats and it has stayed strong. Once it’s dry it’s a very strong sealant for the wood and does not leach. He would definitely go with plywood again on the next one he builds.

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