Even birds like alpaca!

Well, if they could speak to us, I’m sure they would say they do :) ¬†We have seen many nests around our barn built with our alpaca fiber. Just last week we were looking at a lovely one at our friend’s farm, Cameron Mountain Alpacas. The nest is one of the nicest I’ve seen.

I’ve been making my Bird’s Nest Builders for a few years now. We had a girl scout troop at our barn for a field trip to learn about renewable resources. I was trying to come up with a good item they could take home with them that would fit that subject matter. I make a cage out of chicken wire and then stuff it with alpaca fiber. It comes with a plastic hanger or you could use some string to tie it to a tree branch or outside of a bird house.

I am taking preorders for these and they will be ready a week or two after shearing, about the middle of May. They are $8 plus shipping. If you live in the area, I offer free refills.

Bird Nest Builder

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  1. I’ve actually update these a bit and will get some new photos up. They are still $8 and now is a good time to get them. The birds that lay in the spring will really appreciate the warmth for their chicks.

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