Are you using a petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin?

If you are, you may not be getting the results you think you are. I’m sure some of you grew up with a jar of Vaseline in your bathroom cabinet just like I did. I think around our house it was used for a baby butt treatment. I recall using it in my teens as a lip gloss or on my eyelashes to make them sparkle. Over the years who knows how many products I’ve used with a petroleum base.

When I started making lotions, I started researching individual ingredients. I have not found many pleasant things about petroleum products and when thinking about it, it makes sense. It’s a moisture barrier, but what does that truly mean? If something can’t get out, is that really a good thing? If it can’t get out, doesn’t that mean that something can’t get in? So what does that say for it’s moisturizing properties? Some people swear by it and say it makes their skin feel smoother. Does it or are they just a product of good genetics? I don’t know about that, but I do know that I don’t want it clogging up my pores.

I strive to use pure ingredients in my body products. I’ve even taken the water out of my lotions, using aloe vera juice instead. Unfortunately, I can’t eliminate them completely because you have to have a preservative in a liquid product and just because you don’t see bacteria or mold, does not mean it’s not there. I do however feel like the 1 or 2 percent that I do have to use in my total recipe is not harmful to your skin.

I ran across this article online and I thought it did a good job of explaining petroleum skin products. Give it a look and let me know what you think.


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