About 12,000 alpacas dead


Low temperatures and persistent rains in the high zones of Ayacucho have caused the death of over 70 percent of the bred alpacas in the region. The devastating natural conditions have affected about 9,000 families in southern Ayacucho (Sucre, Lucanas, Parinacochas, Victor Fajardo, Huancasancos and Páucar del Sara Sara) where the majority of the alpaca population is located, as well as the most important wool-producing communities.

Alarmed by the massive mortality rate, which has claimed about 12,000 stock according to preliminary estimates, representatives from the region have requested help from the regional and national government in the form of food, medicine, vitamins and shelter that will allow them to protect and save the few recently-born animals that are still alive.

Representative Juan Meza said that the value of losses surpasses 3 million soles.

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